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Originally Posted by Sithspecter View Post
I really don't know anything about XBOX modding, but I'm almost certain that you wouldn't be able to add stuff to the XBOX disc and have it work.
That's what I would think, especially since the disc had the sticker on it, so it probably wasn't made by someone who burned a new disc.

Originally Posted by Sithspecter View Post
Your best be would be to look through and see if there's a reskin for that head or something that you like.
I went there and didn't find anything that looked like the game I was playing. Of course it would be nice to find a better head, but what I'm really trying to figure out at this point is the mystery about just what's wrong with my Xbox game.

I've never tried anything like this, but do you know if it would be possible to read the disc onto a computer and then search the source files? If there is something strange about my disc, then I'm interested in seeing all of what's there. If I could retrieve the assets, it might be able to become a mod.
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