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Originally Posted by Q View Post
Really? No scaling artifacts? Is this with the original 1600x680 movies or the ones that you upscaled to 1920?
As far as I can tell, it's working perfectly. It plays the movies in 1920x1080, full-screen, no black bars (except for the films that were in 1600x1200), and no fade-to-black issue. The only problem is the desktop switching thing I mentioned, but it's easily worth it to have good quality cutscenes.

I also tested using normal HQ movies without converting them to 1920x1080. When using them, the game correctly scales them up to 1920x1080 (with black bars), instead of scaling down to 640x272 and then back up again.

Honestly, using the normal HQ movies without converting them and then letting the game upscale for you might actually be better. You get the black bars across the top and bottom, but the cutscenes aren't upscaled to full-screen, meaning that the quality isn't noticeably degraded. Either way, though, it's infinitely better than how it was before.

Edit: I'd like to test all of the movies in-game, but right now, I only have 48/68 (with TSLRCM) unlocked. Do you know the .ini code necessary to unlock all the movies?


[Movies Shown]
Movie 9=0
Movie 8=0
Movie 7=11
Movie 6=191
Movie 5=223
Movie 4=240
Movie 3=127
Movie 2=255
Movie 1=254
Movie 0=236

As a warning, Kreia's Fall is terribly stretched to make it play in 1920x1080, and there are jagged edges all over the place. I assume the same goes for the other 4:3 movies. However, it seems that replacing the 4:3 files with converted 1920x1080 ones leads to better quality. So, I recommend letting most of the HQ movies be upscaled by the game, but converting the the 4:3 ones to 1920x1080.

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