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Originally Posted by Fallen Guardian View Post
All righty, basically I'm trying to make a node available if you have one of 4 party members in your party, and I didn't want to copy the node to use each companion's individual inparty check, so I did this:

#include "k_inc_debug"

int StartingConditional()

   return( (IsNPCPartyMember(NPC_JOLEE) == TRUE || IsNPCPartyMember(NPC_T3_M4) == TRUE || IsNPCPartyMember(NPC_CANDEROUS) == TRUE || IsNPCPartyMember(NPC_HK_47) == TRUE));

Now it won't compile, saying that I'm missing a required argument in IsNPCPartyMember and NPC_JOLEE is an undeclared identifier. I copied this mostly from the BioWare written companion check script, I just added in all the || symbols in between each one.
You might substitute the numbers for the text, and/or split the check into four.
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