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Originally Posted by Q View Post
but the movies upscaled to 1680x714 with RVT look perfect! Cool.
Exactly. I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason they don't look as good in-game, but still better than before.

Originally Posted by Q View Post
Now if I could only hex-edit the .exe I'm using and still get it to work. I want a fully patched .exe...
I used HxD. I converted PerMov02.bik to 1920x816, then edited the .exe to play movies in 1920x816 (and changed the .ini settings), but for some reason, it wouldn't work. I got that fade-to-black problem again, and then the cutscenes were horribly downscaled and upscaled. For whatever reason that resolution didn't work.

Of course, if you use default HQ movies with the movie resolution edited to be 1920x1080, it upscales it for you like I said previously, to what I assume to be 1920x816. I was hoping that if I did the upscaling myself through conversions, it'd be higher quality. But the game didn't like that.
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