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KOTOR Windowed mode issue - Crash to Desktop


I've been tearing my hair out over the past few hours trying to figure this out, but still no solution.

The boring stuff:
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic for PC (Hard copy with discs)
Windows 7 64bit Home Premium OEM
AMD Bulldozer 8 core
Asus Radeon HD7850

The issue I'm having is that when I'm attempting to play the game in windowed mode it is either crashing to the desktop (leaving the game open on the taskbar, but unable to maximize or close window, only solution to end the process) OR it will load up normally and upon hitting ALT + ENTER the game will also close to desktop, sometimes able to maximize again, other times just crashing and needing to end the process

I understand to run Knights of the Old Republic in windowed mode you need to edit the .ini file so that "Fullscreen=0" and add "AllowWindowedMode=1" or other variations of the same process. I have tried one, the other and both methods combined with the same results and have only found one other person with the same issue on gameFAQ's but they had not replied to the thread so no idea whether they solved it or not.

Please note that the game works perfectly in fullscreen mode, i just require it to run in a window for streaming purposes.

Any help will be appreciated.
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