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Originally Posted by mur'phon View Post
My rep class is a Scoundrel, and while the story took a nosedive after lvl 15, I really enjoy playing as a stealthy healer.

I'm no longer as certain that I will play a tank class (SI, BH, SW), because while I seem to be able to handle healing well enough, my occasional minor screw ups aren't as devastating as when a tank screw up (that, and I have no idea if I'll be any good at playing tank).
8 slots, 2 sides * 4 classes. Only other factors being species and gender. IFF you elect for the full thing of course.

From my understanding, tanking can be hard especially if you aren't ranged.
Common sense can avoid most hiccups, only those once in a while freak incidents will get past you. Don't know about any of those unfortunately.

The only screwups I think you'd have to worry about are either failing to protect your more vulnerable teammates, or you yourself biting off more than you can chew.

Unless they made the game with some unbalanced catty-wompus parts that are completely anti-intuitive, you can pretty much avoid any hairy situations in the latter case by heeding all advisories (display tagged with a likelihood of surviving an encounter with/successfully beating an enemy).
As to the former, failing in protection can happen if you're not really paying attention, your character is under-leveled, or you've sorely underestimated your enemy.

If you're not sure about tanking, I suggest Sith Assassin, as they are well rounded on top of being able to tank. I think either PC gamer or one of those similar magazines published a story on it, saying how shocked they were at how simple it was to play sith assassin. And being a story involved with the "higher mysteries" of the force, it sounds like you have a bit of play room w.r.t. light side vs dark side.
Most people I know who have played it said it was tons of fun too. Not sure how it measures up to other tanking classes, though.

Also, I'm not sure I'll enjoy a non stealth class (BH, SW). It's really nice being able to flee from combat and then resurrecting the group, or to simply skip areas that aren't part of any quest.

That said, the only class I have decided almost for certain not to play is the BH. The main story simply doesn't interest me enough.
To each his own. Though you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised.

As for the agent, while I enjoyed the whole "we are the bureaucrats who has to clean up after the politicians" angle, the main missions so far are basically go there kill/coerce that. Why? Because it's for the good of the empire, an empire which I don't find all that believable. Basically, I like the "looking at SW" from a new angle, but I find it hard to see why my char would actually do the missions at all.
It probably is mundane in the early goings until you reach later levels. Intrigues, precarious situations, conspiring, covert wars with info and intelligence you gather.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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