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Each of the six endings are now at the point where I can play through each of them in one go without the game crashing. I am now halfway through a thorough playthrough of a LS character, after which I'll be having one with a DS character.

After which, I shall be releasing the mod. Theoretically, I would only like to release TJM after every single tiny bug has been fixed, bug I don't think that's really plausible for a mod as large as this and with a team this small behind it. Even with myself and several bug testers repeatedly playing it from beginning to end, we could still be finding bugs by this time next year.

I therefore believe the sensible thing to do is release what I have to the public and then let them inform me of the bugs they find. It will be a very advanced beta, with the only real problems I expect will be typos, camera angles being weird etc.

The only serious bugs I can see occuring is with weird combinations of player choices, which happen across large peroids of time. For instance, if you fully complete your Jedi training, but decide you want to turn to the dark side in the final hour of the game, you may find something collapses. They aren't something I can see players finding very often though.

So, my LS playthrough should be finished by the end of the weekend, and hopefully the minor bug fixes and DS game will olny take a week or so. I'm thinking something like the 17th of December for a release so everyone can play during the Christmas holidays.

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