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Smile Star wars knights of the new republic chapter 1: fall of the new jedi order

Star wars

Knights of the new republic

Chapter one:

Fall of the new jedi order

In the galaxy's darkest hour the mighty Jaden Korr
with his master Kyle katarn arrived on the planet Taspir
to rescue Rosh Penin the great student from the jedi
academy from the evil dark jedi Alora but when the
two jedi knights arrived on the rocky planet of Taspir
they saperated in two diffrent sides to easily find Rosh
but when Jaden founded Rosh he knew that Rosh is
a traitor to the new republic he wanted to kill him but
Rosh sed to him that he is not a traitor but Rosh felt
that Jaden soon gana fall to the dark side Rosh sed to
him to let go his anger but Jaden striken Rosh with
all of his anger and Rosh did't survived the mighty
sith Alora wonted Jaden to join her and to help Tavion
to free Marka Ragnos but Jaden did't agreed he sed that he
wants to have the scepter of Ragnos for him self he pulled
Alora down from were she was standing and with all of his
anger he striken her when she was not looking Jaden killed
Alora in cold blood and now Jaden is no longer Jaden Korr
but now he is Lord Korr the mighty sith who will restore
the great sith EMPIRE he went to his ship and fleed to
Korriban to eliminate Tavion once and for all but when
Lord Korr fleed to Korriban the great jedi knight Kyle Kattarn
founded Rosh dead on the floor Rosh sed to Kyle that he lost
both his students but Kyle sed to Rosh that he is a jedi and
Rosh died then Kyle realaised that Jaden went to korriban
Kyle quickly went to his ship and floowed to korriban to find
Jaden but when Lord Korr arrived on korriban he saw that
two jedi are trying to stop him Lord Korr called the power of
the dark side and he killed them now Lord Korr began slaying
every jedi and Reborn that were stanting in his way to acive
the great scepter of Ragnos and after then he arrived at the
Tomb and he founded Tavion.Tavion asked Lord Korr to join but
he deniyed he went in a terrible sith duel he finnished Tavion
and graped the scepter after then his old master Kyle Katarn
arrived at the tomb and he founded Lord Korr Kyle tryed to stop him
but Lord Korr was to powerful they went in a deadly confrantation
now a fallen aprentice confrants his old jedi master.Kyle tryed to
defeat him but he lost lord Korr left Kyle unconcues and he taken the
scepter after then the mighty Luke Skywalker arrived at the Tomb
to find what's going on he founded Kyle left unconcues Kyle
awakened and told Luke that Jaden has turn to the dark side and
he was concumed by Lord Korr.Kyle told Luke that we must try to
stop him and to destroy the scepter Kyle sed that he lost both
his students but Luke told Kyle that Yoda and Ben kenobi were
both great jedi and even they lost students then Kyle flowed of the
planet but did Kyle known that soon what's gana happen to the jedi
academy.The mighty sith DARTH KORR gatthered all the remment forces
with all of the dark jedi masters and marched to the massasi temple to
eliminate all jedi and now Luke at Kyle's ship when they were flying Luke
sed to kyle that he sensed a disturbens in the force back on the jedi academy on
Yavin that Jaden has started a second jed purge at the jedi academy and the two jedi realaised that a terible day to the new Republic has began.....

to be continued...
l hope everyone liked my story l had lots of work to prepare this story and l known that it's weird to see a jedi knight story in the swkotor forum but l just wanted to tell this story l hope you liked it.

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