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Just found, and finished KotOR. Then read more and got bummed out.

So I am waaayyy late to this party. I realise that. And what I am going to say will have been said a thousand times before. But humour me.

I am a big Bioware fan since Baldur's Gate, but missed out on kotor. Don't know how. Bought it two weeks ago. Played it. Loved it.

I saw no Revan in kotor2, so I thought oh well, that is the end of the story. But it was a great story.

Then I heard what happened in the novel Revan, and TOR. That really bummed me out. I don't mind sad endings in books, movies, etc. But when it felt like he/she was your character to create as you see fit, make choices for, leave in a galaxy far, far away, and then you just get told "oh yeah, after you finished the game everything got really bad. Sorry" it just feels wrong!

Anyway on the grand scale of things this is not a biggie, I realise that, but it still it left a sour taste goddamnit and I wanted to vent! This is the first time in any medium I am going to seek refuge in fan-fiction! (PS Anyone know any good fan-fiction? Or any other ways to drown out the depressing canon?!).
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