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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic: Rising Destiny



Following the Battle of
Telos IV, the Jedi Order
has been restored from
the ashes.

On a desperate mission,
Senator Mothin and a
Jedi protector head to

If successful, the Republic
can start a new restoration
project to promote peace and
justice in the galaxy…

Chapter I

[Republic Cruiser]
Aydrea Kast, a Jedi Knight, is deep in thought while looking out the cockpit of the cruiser from her seat. Aydrea wears the traditional tunic and robe of the Order with the hood over her head. She glances briefly beside her where Senator Mothin from Naboo is seated. Senator Mothin is wearing an elegant blue and purple dress.

“Senator, we’re receiving a message from an unidentified vessel.” The captain says, breaking the silence.
“Put it through.” Senator Mothin responds.
“Senator Mothin, abandon this foolish mission and your life will be spared.” An unknown Chiss threatens.
“I’m afraid that I cannot abandon this mission.”
“Then, you must suffer the consequences.”

The Chiss’s ship opens fire on the Republic Cruiser. The captain desperately tries to outmaneuver the unknown attacker. The attacker's ship is able to maneuver enough to keep with the cruiser while pressing the attacking. After several minutes bringing intensive damage to the Cruiser, a blast finally hits one of the three back engines. Inside the Republic Cruiser, an emergency alarm blares loudly.

“Captain…what’s happening?” Senator Mothin asks, hesitantly.
“I’m afraid that a rear engine has been destroyed. Your best option to make it to Tatooine is the escape pods.” The Captain responds.
“Jedi, what do you recommend?” The Senator asks.
“I have to concur with the captain. If this chase continues, my feelings tell me that the Chiss will destroy us.” Aydrea replies, reaching out with the Force.
“Here, take these plans of the ship. We’ll have to stay behind to draw their fire. May the Force protect you.” The captain says, handing Aydrea a datachip.
“May the Force be with you.” Aydrea says, bowing. “Come, Senator Mothin. We must get to the escape pods quickly.”

The duo proceeds to the escape pods while the Republic Cruiser shakes from the attack. After a few minutes of running, they arrive to the pods.

“Well, let’s hope this plan works.” Senator Mothin says, as they get inside.
“Indeed.” Aydrea replies, pressing the button to eject the pod.

Ejected from the cruiser, the escape pod heads toward Tatooine. The duo watch from the pod as the attack continues against the Cruiser. After a few minutes, the Republic Cruiser is finally destroyed by the Chiss’s ship.

“We’re on our own now, Senator.” Aydrea says, barely suppressing her tears of gratitude. “But, we must ensure their sacrifice was not in vain.”

Within a few minutes, the escape pod lands on the planet’s surface. Meanwhile on the Chiss’s ship, a droid approaches the Chiss.

“Master, an escape pod managed to break free during our attack and landed on Tatooine.” The droid said, in its monotone voice.

Author's Note: For reference, this is the specific Republic cruiser type to which I referred.

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