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Originally Posted by Totenkopf View Post
That's fine. My only point from the beginning was that only complaining about it eventually causes people to eventually tune them out, not that it invalidates the nature of their complaint.
I did suggest ignoring posts that complained and try to move on to a different topic several times. There's nothing wrong with doing that...

Yes, as they did it, but I thought the whole purpose of this thought experiment was to suggest changes that would have been incorporated into the game, thus changing it from how it ultimately played out. Perhaps the ultimate problem was in the conception of the series. They knew their ending was gonna lack, so they strung everyone along as long as they could to that point. If this was the ending they basically planned 6+ yrs ago, maybe they need better talent.
The problem is that the writers changed and the series went through rewrites by different people... the front end didn't match the back end... none of what turned out in ME3 was really planned 6+ years ago, it's just what they had to settle with with what they had and the budget and focus EA told them they should have.

Ah, it's a mystery, then.
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