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Harrison Ford won't do it. He has yet to be at a Star Wars Celebration. Mark Hammel was at his first American Star Wars Celebration at SWC5, so i am doubtful but it might happen, and i think it is a toss up whether Carrie fisher will do it. But i am for sure saying that Han Solo will not be making a new appearance.

Mark Hammel can say he will be in it all he wants, but i am just curious if there is a place in it for him. If he is really in it, they can only go to the forming of the new Jedi Order, and maybe into his kids and their adventures, but i can't really see it. They can't use Han and Leia's kids because without the originals it won't work all that well.

A sequel trilogy will be a completely new story line. Both the original and prequel trilogies followed the life of Anakin/Darth Vader. That was their central story. They did explore other stories, but in the end, they always returned to Anakin /Vader. Vader's story is over, the emperor is dead, and when we last left our heroes, the galaxy was at peace. where can they go without forging a new story line?

I guess everyone has their price, and Disney has deep pockets, but i think if they are going to tie the various trilogies together, they will do it in some other way than with cameos from past movies.

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