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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
With the one move, the "gut", but I'd hardly classify a single move melee unless there's some other moves. Are there? Like tackle, or kick?
Aside from hammershot, high impact bolt, sticky grenade and full auto which are 30m attacks, the rest of the Vanguard moves are 10m and under. This makes them a melee class with extra mobility but still a melee class. Vanguard Tanks spend most of their time in around the 10m to 4m range mark of whatever they're ranking... I should know, I've been a Vanguard Tank since the beginning and have run a lot of endgame content with our guild. Also gut is part of the tactics tree which is a melee dot based tree.

Are assassins able to choose either healing or offense with powers btw?
Assassins can only be tanks or dps. |

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