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I am not sure of the etiquette in this forum (i.e. should I post here or start a new topic), but I thought best to keep one topic rather than many versions.

Anyway, a rough idea as to how I would have liked to have seen Kotor 3 (unfortunately, it seems this will just be an intellectual exercise, as it seems unlikely it will be made). Not a polished outline, just some plot points. It ignores SW:TOR and the novel Revan (for the most part at least). The Exile could also be included, but I have not mentioned that here.

I would like as little canon is used as possible. I refer to Revan as "he" for simplicity, but "she" is just as valid. Any romance is flagged, and plays a part in the story.

- Revan is getting accustomed to to life again, and slowly begins to recover some memories.

- He recalls the existence of the emperor, realises he needs to be stopped.

- He is tormented by visions of a potential future, showing him imprisoned by the emperor (i.e. the future outlined in SW:TOR/Revan). This point marks the break with the current story, but still references it and uses it as a plot device.

- Due to his glimpse of the dark potential future, he realises that travelling alone will end in tragedy. Needs to gather allies.

- Travels to recruit old comrades, and powerful people in the galaxy who may be sympathetic.

- Travels to the Jedi Council to ask for their aid. This causes major problems.
(1) Some have not forgiven him for starting the war.
(2) If he romanced Bastila, more are angry at the loss of one of the most promising Jedis.
(3) More importantly, Revan before the council, asking for aid in a non-sanctioned endeavour is a horrible reminder of how the Jedi Civil War started.
Possibly an option here to take some supportive Jedi, but at the cost of infuriating the council, and being disowned by them.

- Once recruitment is completed to the player's satisfaction, the party travels to the outer rim.

- Memories continue to return, shown in flashbacks when revisiting a place where Darth Revan had previously been.

- Battles with the true Sith.

- Eventually makes it to the emperor's base. Good chance to lose party members, depending on choices made here and previously. Can defeat emperor, at least temporarily. Possible option to side with (replace?) the emperor.

- Returns from the outer rim to republic space. Possibly as a pariah - no one realises what he has done except the Jedi, and the Jedi potentially have disowned him even if it was a LS path.

[Some scenes (e.g. Jedi council) would have to be altered/replaced for a DS Revan, but that would not create insurmountable difficulties].
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