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@Lynk: well, my Warrior is a Juggernaut (I despise playing as dps, I never know if I do my job right) so I won't just blitz everything. Anyways, the reason I love stealth is partly because it prevents me from overleveling and partly because during heroics with other f2p players, escape artist can be a real time saver.
Seeing as I really didn't like the BH story and don't really see it improving, It's out of the picture for now.

@:GTA Having been the victim of quite a few tanking screw ups (to the point that I religiously add any half decent tank I find to friends), I know just how little it takes to destroy a group, while if I make a tiny screw up as a healer, most people pop a health pack and we are fine.
As for the assassin, the part I find interesting is their involvement with the running of the empire (I do political science, sue me). Magic, black and white morality and "badassery" are things I try to avoid if I can.

So far it seems like it's a draw between the remaining classes.

Checking out seems not to do much.
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