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Smile great things l saw at jedi outcast

Hello everyone!! l wonted to tell this later but l desited to tell it now great things l saw at jedi outcast huh the final showdown between kyle and desann was very cool and l like the theme's that were playing at the final l felt that l'm in the return of the jedi movie and great duel was with desann well l defeated him by using the strong saber style well almost to easy was but still was hard at that level for me and those traps at that level (ilosions,fake walls,the desann visions..) were also cool l felt like on korriban level at swkotor 2 and also at doomgiver level also good and the fight with admural fayar was good heh l sneaked opon him and l attacked him when he was not looking hehe and also every ather level(bespin level,astrus,nar shadda,...) were also not bad at all and can l ask what's everyone's favorite level at jedi outcast well mine is the yavin final level ofcourese and the doom givver level what's yours ??? and also which game is better jedi knight jedi outcast or jedi academy hmmm l can't deside??

P.s The multiplayer was also good for me to play

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