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Ok, here's my contribution to this little gathering of models!

Basically, i'm uploading a small collection of lightsabers that i've made in the past few months that I never got a chance to finish. They're basically just remakes of the lightsabers that were seen in the original Jedi Knight game all those years ago!

Now, you'll notice that i'm offering six hilts here, when there were actually 8 in the original game. (One for each of the seven Dark Jedi and one for Kyle/Rahn).

Well, I never got around to modeling Yun's or Gorc's lightsabers, and at this point, I don't really have the interest to go back and do them, though I may at some point in the future!

Anyway, enough fannying about... Have at 'em!

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As you can see, some are better looking than others, but overall I think they look decent enough.

I struggled getting decent angles for the renders one some of them though, so if you think you might be interested, download them and take a closer look in Max.

Oh, and they're all in .3ds format, so you shouldn't have any trouble opening them.


They're free for anyone to use, so long as they provide due credit.

Oh, and they're provided as-is, which means there's no support offered for them. If you're going to download them, i'm assuming you already know what to do.
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