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For future reference, you'll want to post threads like this in the Holowan Labs. Also, I'm not a mod, but double posting isn't looked kindly upon - edit your posts instead.

Moving on, there are already multiple mods that have tried to accomplish the same thing - most of which have died.
The two most prominent at the moment (as in the only two that are alive and active) are:
The Jedi Masters
The Revenge of Revan

Now directly responding to your thread, I'm glad that you're so optimistic about coming into the modding scene - not that we don't already have enough modders, but new ones are always welcome. Aside from that, though, seeing as how you are completely new to the modding scene, you might want to undertake smaller projects and gain the experience before tackling such a large mod - these TC mods take decades... Unless you're Trex...

Furthermore, I'm not too upbeat about the story idea - mainly because I thought the Revan novel was trash. My advice is to use it as a reference - if you absolutely cannot use anything else - for a completely new and original story. Lastly, I wouldn't include those funds if I were you. The motivation for modders here is simply to have fun and be innovative. Technically, it's not illegal, but it's certainly not something reputable here.

Note that I'm not trying to discourage you; I'm simply informing you that Total Conversions are somewhat of a blithe in the modding community here because there have been too many attempts and - unfortunately - too many letdowns. But hey, maybe you may be another one of those miracles that end up being successful. Who knows?

EDIT: Oh, almost forgot. Welcome to LF!

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