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Death's Head

Don't worry, I promise I'll be careful. She sent back. I expect you to be careful as well.

Tavaryn made a wry smile as he waved away the medic and gave a look that would scare one of the junior officers. He knew that she would be careful. He sent back, You might as well ask me to be nice to the Viper.

He glanced over at Belina who was looking her usual self. He rotated his arms to loosen his muscles even though he was still in a powersuit.


The less sith in this galaxy...the better.

Jun-la nodded, "I'm inclined to agree." She motioned him to move forward towards their merc companion. It was then she sensed another presence on the station. She sent, I am guessing that you couldn't stand by and wait?


Because I know that your trying to take me away...I don't want to go with you or the others! I want to go with the nice lady who said she'd help me. I can feel that there's something wrong with you and the other people here.

Tyrannus, better known as Kage, looked at the Cathar child. She was precocious and she was strong in the Force. It was uncontrolled though. Her pleas for help attracted attention. The way how the child spoke ot him and the lady he was referring to... He could just imagine who. He replied, "You are strong little one. You are your father's child but I know things you don't. You are not important. The one coming for you is."

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