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JC's Toolbox

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Hello. At last, I've finished it: an assortment of tools for Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords that I've made from scratch. Some I made for me, some I made on request, and some I made just for fun. There are eighteen items in total in this the first version.

So, what does this do? Well, it depends on the tool. One is a container for all the others; the others are... more varied. I've grouped them into general functions; most launch a computer screen and allow you to select further options from there. Among these are a party manager, a script executor, an item creator, a stat modifier, a camera viewer, a character animator, a character cloner, and a warp console. Others have instantaneous effects, such as the teleporter and the door opener/closer. Still others have temporary effects, functioning much like a passive Force power, but without costing you anything; among these are a key that opens any door you approach, a shield designed by someone who thinks the best defense is a good offense (i.e. it kills anything that comes near it), and a mysterious technique that makes everybody dance. I have also included a portable workbench and portable lab station. Furthermore, there are some optional mini-mods included. A rather exhaustive readme is included, but to get a really good idea you have to try for yourself... just make sure you save first! Seriously, this can really screw up the game.

There will be updates and I am taking requests, though I ask that you read the aforementioned lengthy readme in full before sending any.


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