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I think they only made a few small mistakes with the restrictions in f2p which blew up in their face from a user perspective. People all over the web are saying how poorly implemented it is, and a lot of it isn't even accurate, just because they heard you have to pay to revive or only have x number of action bars. It's still the same game as it was before and if you were a previous subscriber, you just need to subscribe for 1 more month to get enough coins to unlock all those little annoying things. The completely free option is aimed at people trying it for the first time.

I do still think it's too restrictive, not allowing armor color matching or hiding head slot for example, but for casual players that shouldn't matter as much. If you want more, well it's still really a subscription game with a free option. I think the cartel market sucks for current subscribers, there is almost nothing there I'd want to waste my 3,000+ cartel coins on, but from the f2p angle I think it's way overblown.

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