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Have you try reading this thread?

I think I can safely assume you already know Kotor Tool and it's built in GFF editor...So fire it up!

I think the best way to start is to modify default clothing uti. Basic clothing will not hinder force powers. Let's take g_a_clothes01. It's in the templates.bif -> Blueprint, Item. Double click it. It should now open the GFF. A new window will appear. In the Generals tab, notice the Base Item is set to Basic Clothing. While Armor, it's Base Item is set to Defense Bonus 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9. The number defines whether it's light, medium, or heavy armor. That very same Defense Bonus X [insert numbers from 4 to 9 here] is also the one that hinders force powers.

If you want to add stats, go to Properties tab, double click the * column. New window will appear. In the Property Name listbox you can select 'Defense Bonus' (not to be confused with Defence Bonus X in the Base Item), Attribute Bonus, that kind of stuff. I assume by 'stats' you mean Attribute Bonus. Select it. In the Subtype, select the attribute you want to modify. Let's take Strength. In the Value listbox select the amount of bonus you want.

If you want to mimic the bonus effect the Jedi Robes have, in the Property Name select 'Defense Bonus' and give it a value of +1 for common robe, +2 for knight robe, +3 for masters robe. Also add 'Regeneration Force Points' and set it to +1.

If you want to restrict your armor to your char only, in the Property Name, select Feat Required (it's near the bottom of the list). In the Subtype select Force Sensitive (it too is near the bottom).

Originally Posted by Sparrows View Post
[*]Uses the default Scout clothing mesh...
Unless your char is a scout, this is tricky.. my workaround suggestion would be disguise.. But that too causes problem, because you'll char might ended up with a wrong head..

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