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Ackbar Brig

Komad ran over to the prisoner, and started to examine his vitals. After checking for a pulse, he pulled his hand away, turned to Scatty, shook his head, and said, "I guess it's not always by choice." He stood up, before adding. "Between this, and the Force Relay we found on Dagobah, we're really running out of time." Komad then opened a channel to Belina on his communicator, and said, "As soon as my daughter's team returns to the Ackbar, I want everyone gathered in the War Room."

(Problem: The text crawl for this, plus Wrath of the Empire, and two old RP's that Tysyacha did have been muted due to copyright claim. I could delete them, replace the audio, or dispute the claim. What should I do?)

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