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What types of games do you play?

Would have submitted to LF polls but decided the better for just simply sticking it here. The staff have my permission to move it there if so desired. Otherwise it'll remain here.

In the interest of keeping it lively around here I am taking a poll of what types of games LF'ers play, why, how many hours a week, and how much they prefer certain kinds over others.

By the way if you are an uninitiated lurker who is reading this, then please do join us and answer some questions, we'd love to have you.

Since making multiple polling questions quickly gets tedious, and excessively long and elaborate polling is both messy and just feels like a classroom quiz...I just put one question to which you can select answers. The rest of the questions (below) are so you may elaborate. At your liberty entirely you may answer some or all...or none, even.

Now then:

1) What of your selections do you play most? Least?

2) How long have you been involved with each of your choices (approximately in years)?

3) Why do you rate any one over the other (or NOT)?

4) Do you ever think the game industry is running out of ideas? (if yes) How so?

5) What are the primary motivational factors in your decisions in whether or not to purchase a game?

6) Has your liking for games ever gotten you in serious trouble somehow (or at least come close)?

7) When it comes to older games, or a rehash, how do you react?

8) In contrast to above, when it comes to new games, how do you react?

9) How would you explain your relationship with gaming?

10) To expand upon the above, do you ever think or feel like you're tiring of it or just can't (or don't care to) keep up with it anymore? Why or why not?

11) If there is anything important you would like to add to this which is not covered, then please do so.

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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