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You forgot to include Strategy... but I forgot to vote Other, so we're both even. >_>

1) Hard to say. 3D most definitely, but in genres, I really don't know, probably FPSs in terms of playtime.

2) I haven't had radical changes in genre preferences, but I did have the patience for grand strategy and simulation games when I was 10-15ish at least. I still play strategy, but I have often have to force myself to get in.

3) I have a thing for first-person games above all others (shooters or otherwise), as I find the first-person perspective delectably immersive, both in games and books. And I hate most 2D side-scrollers and platformers - and 2D side-scrolling platformers are the worst of all.

4) On the contrary, I think this is a pretty good time for the industry. The past decade was strange and rocky, but a lot of previous fears have been allayed. You have indie games coming left and right with original ideas, Kickstarters with great ideas, and triple-A games are actually going up, quality-wise. Besides, this was the year Dishonored, XCOM and The Walking Dead came out.

5) Err mostly just "Will this look good in my collection?", but also "Does this game do something that I'd want to buy the developers a cake for?"

6) Nope.

7) Well I don't throw molotovs, if that's what you're asking.

8) I throw molotovs, if that's what you're asking.

9) I... really wouldn't, that's just akward.

10) I often do; like I'm growing out of it, or that I'll never have the naivete I had when I was younger that let me enjoy games I don't know. And then I come across a game like The Walking Dead, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Hotline Miami or Portal 2, and I'm reassured.

11) I happen to be fond of reptiles of the order Chelonii.

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