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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
1) What of your selections do you play most? Least?
Most? Hard to tell, I play a lot of different types of games frequently... least? Educational and Cognitive skill games I guess, though Professor Layton changes things there from time to time.

2) How long have you been involved with each of your choices (approximately in years)?
I ticked everything I've been playing as many kinds of vidya as I could since I first player Super Mario Bros. on my cousin's NES.

3) Why do you rate any one over the other (or NOT)?
I don't... each individual game, no matter what it is or what genre they are have their ups and downs.

4) Do you ever think the game industry is running out of ideas? (if yes) How so?
No. I'm enjoying ZombiU too much to think anyone is running out of ideas... the problem is when developers/publishers start to worry too much about making easy money thereby creating the same game over and over to milk a particular audience. This happens, but there are plenty of devs that don't, or at least balance things out between making money and making something different.

5) What are the primary motivational factors in your decisions in whether or not to purchase a game?
Is it fun?

6) Has your liking for games ever gotten you in serious trouble somehow (or at least come close)?
Not that I know of... there are still some people around me who think that vidya is the devil (not literally) but that's about it.

7) When it comes to older games, or a rehash, how do you react?
Love older games... and everything is a rehash in some way so whatever... plus, don't put older games and rehashes in the same bucket... since new games are more likely to be rehashes But even then...

8) In contrast to above, when it comes to new games, how do you react?
I like old and new and everything in between.

9) How would you explain your relationship with gaming?
It's a big part of my life... wouldn't want to be without it.

10) To expand upon the above, do you ever think or feel like you're tiring of it or just can't (or don't care to) keep up with it anymore? Why or why not?
I'll stop playing vidya when I'm dead.

11) If there is anything important you would like to add to this which is not covered, then please do so.
I'm hungry. |

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