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Hmm. Hey, I just thought of something.
When editing models in KOTOR and TSL, can't you sort of "merge" two sections of say.... a head. Like changing the hair look?
Anyways, I remember looking at a scenery model that's in Peragus in TSL. In the very beginning there's that circular room that you wake up in, remember? There's also a bunch of wounded miners in kolto tanks floating around you. The one to the right of the Exile has the K1 PMHC04 Haircut. So I'm thinking you could just "cut" the hair portion of the model, and put it on PMHH01… right?
(BTW, the scenery/plc model is “101per2a.mdl”)

EDIT: And Daarala (The merchant that sells jedi stuff outside of the Jedi Enclave) has the same hair as the K1 Female head I requested... I can't believe I never noticed that....

EDIT 2: Well that's interesting. I took a texture of a K1 reskin of the PFHC01 head, and it fits Daraala's head model like a glove. I'd only want "slight" changes to the head though. The changes I'm talking about are making Daraala's nose a little smaller and to make the back of the head like the K1 PFHC01 model. Daraala's head model has a Bun in the back, whereas the K1 PFHC01 has a pony-tail.

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