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Hello everybody! Do you greet everyone you meet?

Hellow people! I recently stumbled across my aunty old magazine with an interesting article: how basic gestures such as 'Hi' and 'Hello' can have quite an impact on your life. The writer took up a test by greeting everyone he met for a month. The results were interesting....
  • One assistant professor conducted a research at a school and had the teachers greet their students individually each morning. This resulted in the increased productivity of the students. Better grades, more active class participation, the likes.
  • Mails that begin with hello's and hi's are more likely be replied.
  • Pleasant environments evoke more reciprocal smiles and greetings.
  • Youngsters are usually scared of older people. They won't be the one who greet first and occasionally won't reply to greetings.
  • To quote "People you wouldn't normally acknowledge turn out to be the friendlest."

So, the next time you try writing a fanfic, review someone's mod or even your own, or starting a thread, make sure you begin with one of these tiny little words... Your fanfic may get more replies and your mods get more download count...

Who dares take up the writer's challenge by greeting everyone he/she meets?!

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