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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus
Now then:

1) What of your selections do you play most? Least?
normally i would say FPS, but recently, i've been playing a lot of third-person action games (AC3, SR: The Third primarily). i do a lot of gaming in different genres, so i don't really have one genre that i play either exclusively nor all the time.
2) How long have you been involved with each of your choices (approximately in years)?
well, it started with kid friendly platformers like Sonic and Mario back in the 90's. then, i discovered Quake and Unreal a couple of years later where i earned the "hs" part of my username (hs = headshot and has nothing to do with my real name). KOTOR was my first RPG, and Rome: Total War was my first strategy game.
3) Why do you rate any one over the other (or NOT)?
i don't really rate any one genre as "better" than the other. i do enjoy my action games, but i've never been very picky.
4) Do you ever think the game industry is running out of ideas? (if yes) How so?
i don't think that the gaming industry is running out of ideas, but i do think that they're scared to implement new ideas. there's not a lot of games out there that break new ground, and the simple reason is that its cheaper and safer to just rehash old games and put all your creative thinking into artwork and level design. if anything, the gaming industry is more evolutionary than revolutionary at this point.
5) What are the primary motivational factors in your decisions in whether or not to purchase a game?
mostly if i think that it will meet two factors: how much fun will i have, and how long will the game be able to sustain it?? a fun game that takes a couple of hours to complete just doesn't warrant me spending any money on it, and lets face it: if the game isn't fun, then what good is it?? i tend to prefer that all of my games have at least 30 hours of content in either multi or single player components. for story driven content, a strong single player is a must while multiplayer just simply needs to have strong core gameplay.
6) Has your liking for games ever gotten you in serious trouble somehow (or at least come close)?
well, you might need to define "serious trouble", but i can say that my game playing is a pretty big issue for my parents since they don't see that gaming isn't much different from book reading or watching TV as entertainment. since i haven't lived with them for several years, though, they don't mention it much. my wife doesn't mind as long as i show a clear preference for her over the games (which i always try my best to do). otherwise, its really just about time management and recognizing that video games are just entertainment, and therefore, more important aspects of life such as work and relationships should take priority.
7) When it comes to older games, or a rehash, how do you react?
i don't mind a flashback or two, but if you're making a new game, at the very least: keep the gameplay modern. as for the classics themselves, well, i always enjoy a nice trip down memory lane from time to time.
8) In contrast to above, when it comes to new games, how do you react?
i always like to see devs mixing things up and trying new ideas when it comes to a new series. when its an established franchise, i like to see some improvements over the original, and even potential game-changers are welcome.
9) How would you explain your relationship with gaming?
well, for me its just entertainment. its a good way to use up some spare time as it helps keep the mind active, but i am increasingly having less and less time for entertainment in general. so, for now, my relationship is changing albeit not drastically.
10) To expand upon the above, do you ever think or feel like you're tiring of it or just can't (or don't care to) keep up with it anymore? Why or why not?
well, its just a matter of the rhythms of life moving me on more than anything. i care, but again, games aren't a priority when compared things that affect my future.
11) If there is anything important you would like to add to this which is not covered, then please do so.
i think most things are covered, and this survey has inexplicably made me hungry....

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