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1) RPGs mostly, but action/adventure games take up quite some of my time as well. Least... FPS games, probably. Actually, now that I think of it, haven't played one in ages.

2) I got exposed to most of the genres from an early age. Age of Empires was my first real game, so Strategy games first. My favorite genre, RPGs, I only discovered through KotOR (God bless it).

3) I tend to be really looking for games that have a story to tell and have likeable characters. In the past, that would almost always be RPGs, so that's why it's my favorite, I think.

4) Maybe a few years ago I'd have said yes, but looking at growing Indie market with some really fascinating games and the Kickstarter hype getting us some innovative games as well, I'm not really worried. Heck, even the big companies still try something risky from time to time.

5) It's gotta be fun.

6) I don't see how... Do you mean in the sense of being close to addicted or neglecting your life because of a game? No on both accounts, by the way.

7) I often find it hard to play older games, do if it's really worth it, I do try.

8) I caress them as if they were a loved one. No wait, forget that.

9) I caress them as if... STOP ASKING QUESTIONS!

10) Not sure. There have been times I played less games, but now and again, I really get into it again. I haven't had those moments of wonder I had when I was younger, playing Age of Empires or the first KotOR, games that really came as a revelation of sorts. But I do still play lots of games, hoping to recapture that feeling (and I've been close, once in a while).

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