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1) I haven't played too many FPS games lately. Action-adventure games are what I'm playing right now, and I'm trying to get my hands on some ye olde adventure games.

2) 1995 or 1996 - played Wolfenstein, my first ever game. Dark Forces soon followed, and just went from there.

3) I always look for a good story and a satisfying gameplay experience. That's probably why I've been looking at adventure games lately, as some popular games today don't exactly impress me with the story.

4) Run out of ideas? No. I blame the current community; people keep buying CoD and Halo every year, despite the fact that they're basically the same games. But companies need a profit, so they do exactly what works.

5) It must interest me and not be hyped to the point it's all I hear about. I say the latter because I found Halo to be mediocre at best, so I've kind of developed an aversion for uber-popular games lately, unless it's Nintendo made. I trust Nintendo to a fault.

6) No.

7) I get nostalgia, and sometimes I find them better than games of today. Generally speaking, my personal rule is that if it was made in the 90s and well-received, then it is better than most of today's games.

8) Pretty good games, though they can't match the quality of games from my youth. I will admit to looking down on some modern FPS games, since they're being milked so much, and my previously stated bad experience, though do attempt to be objective.

9) Something to alleviate my boredom. The problem is, I'm always bored.

10) Not really. I get bored with a game, I get another one. I see a game from a series I like, I buy it. If I think it's one of the best ever, then I replay it.

11) Why did I not like Halo and everyone else found it amazing?

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