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1) RPG and strategy mostly. Football managers when I'm really bored. Least: FPS and survival.

2) First RPG: Planescape Torment. First strategy: Age of Empires.

3) Hours and hours of fun (especially open world RPG's) and when combined with an entertaining story make it a very interesting and replayable game.

4) No, but thanks to the current trend of FPS and "action RPG's" they might as well be.

5) Fun factor, entertaining story, not-too-console-like UI, not too pricey, and a refund option.

6) If you mean "Do you spend a lot of time playing games and neglect you duties because of it?" then the answer is, unfortunately, yes.

7) I enjoy playing older games, especially if there are texture mods that make the game more "up-to-date" in terms of graphics.

8) Can't hold a candle to older games, so only interested in a very select few.

9) Entertainment and to pass the time. Unfortunately, I have a lot of free time on my hands.

10) Not really. I can easily replay older games, so I don't think I'll get tired of it any time soon.

11) As long as there are talented modders out there gaming will never die, no matter how much crap games we're served up these days.
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