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Originally Posted by JCarter426 View Post
No, equip and unequip are actions assigned to characters:
// 32: Equip oItem into nInventorySlot.
// - nInventorySlot: INVENTORY_SLOT_*
// * No return value, but if an error occurs the log file will contain
//   "ActionEquipItem failed."
void ActionEquipItem(object oItem, int nInventorySlot, int bInstant=FALSE);

// 33: Unequip oItem from whatever slot it is currently in.
void ActionUnequipItem( object oItem, int bInstant = FALSE );
Unequip might be unnccessary as you say, but you can never be too safe with this game.
Well, could you explain where the mistake is in the item not showing up on my PC? I tried the dancer outfit as a test item and usually had the script like this:

AssignCommand(GetFirstPC(), ActionEquipItem(GetObjectByTag("g_danceroutfit"), INVENTORY_SLOT_BODY); //Though I usually inputted "1" in place of the Slot
Was I not using the right slot?
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