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Did some research and the best I could come up with is KotOR Tools. I'm assuming that's what you use to look at the files? I messed around with it for a while and looked through the k_003ebo_enter in 003EBO.mod file, but I must say it's a bit over my head with the hexadecimal and scripts. The dlg files are easy enough to mess around with and it's pretty interesting to look at.

Anyways, I've run into a problem and instead of spamming topics, I'll ask it here: I'm having trouble triggering the ability to gain the prestige class. I know I get it from Kreia on the Ebon Hawk.

-I am currently at level 15 with the ability to level to 16.
-I have Visas in my party.
-My alignment is at 10 (I used KSE to put it there, it was originally at 34, but that shouldn't matter right?)
-I've exhausted all of Kreia's dialog and she still won't give the line about Becoming more powerful.
-I've zoned in and out of places to reload the module.

I found the numeric in KSE ( 000_Prestige ), but I'm curious as to what I'm missing. I'm also running TSLRCM 1.8.1. Any thoughts?
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