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Dantooine Mercenary Camp Problem with Mandalorian Fight

Esok isn't there at the Mandalorian camp for Mandalore to fight. Instead Zuka shows up and a Mandalorian that says Prop Mandalorian. I have Dantooine Restoration Mod, Jingers Admiralty Mod, The Rebuilding Jedi Enclave Mod, and M4-78 Mod installed. No Restored Content Mod though. I also have the armors from Ultimate Appearance Mod Installed. I have these two Mandalorian mods installed, Mandalorian Special Forces Armor and Khoonda Militia Armor and Mandalorians Camo Assault Armors I-G. I installed the flamethrower from Movie Mandalorians mod seperately not knowing it would add appearance rows anyways for the Mandalorian characters in the game and I had to edit some to make them visible in game again. Can someone please help me with this? I don't know what could be causing the Mandalorian error at the Mercenary camp on Dantooine and why I can't fight to bring the clans together?
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