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Originally Posted by Rogue15 View Post
hey law snoll, are you guys going to go after syria?
Rogue15, Hi.

I don't know actually. Situation looks very strange, i never see anything like this before. Here's lot of discussion about Syria now, but military keep silent yet. One officer of regular army who i know said like a joke "If those American f**ks attack Syria, then i think Talebs should suddenly finds forgotten Soviet supply pack of portable SAMs in Afghanistan, or maybe those so called "insurgents" in Iraq should find couple of RPOs to make some roast by recipe "Yankee in Kevlar"... ". But i really hope nobody actualize such of plan because of it will cause some sort of Vietnam-2 with really harsh casualties among US troops. Of cause, lot of guys here just dreaming about the day when they will be allowed to go on "Yankee safari" (at least they claims so, and i think they are serious - Russian society very tired from American international lawlessness and constant anti-Russian position that doesn't lets us to restore territorial unity of Russian space)... but war is fun until first killed, you know that. So i think all of these militants should switch on their brains in right moment. Before the worst will happen.

As far as i know now couple of Russian Navy vessels now stationed in Syria, including Russian soldiers of Marine corps, who doesn't fights against terrorists directly. At least yet. If USA would attack Syria, they would imminently attack Russian troops... and you know what gonna happen then. So i think USA and Russia now will start to push on each other by ways of policy and economy. There's lot of details too, and i really don't know how exactly Russia;s and USA's Governments would act.

We should wait for claims of officials.

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