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"I hate it when I have an idea that sounds sensible, but turns out terrible. Zarev? I'm sorry I wasted so much time, both yours and mine, but what else can I do? If it turns out that someone IS monitoring us, I want to get to the bottom of it fast so that we're not under surveillance anymore."

Zarev gently smiled. "You didn't waste anyone's time. It was a good thought and your not alone, I want whatever or whoever is monitoring us to be stopped at all costs."

"I wouldn't suggest going somewhere practically alone with Corsail. Unpredictable at the best of times, and he's made it clear he doesn't like you."

Avriela smiled. "Thank you for the advice, but in my time on the run I've run into many people who don't like me. I will take your advice to heart though and make sure I'm not alone with Corsail."

"Just wondering if you need any supplies, for the journey ahead."

The former sith caught onto what he was doing and nodded. "I could use a few ration bars and a spare power cell for my lightsaber. It looks like my current one is starting to fail.


Among the canyons of Balmorra, a man wearing a dark cloak watched and waited as his targets got closer and closer to him. His face was blank, there was no expression, no typical sith sneer on his face. It was as if his mind had been wiped of everything except his current objective.

Kill the interlopers, make sure Voleran made it to the Master.

He looked down at the detonator in his hands and for a brief moment his old personality surfaced, his hands shook as he tried to reassurt his control over his body only for it too fade after only a moment.

Darth Sevairis, the newest member of the Dark Council pressed the switch and watched as a large explosion sent a large amount of rocks sliding down the rock face towards the two intruders.

Stop...Make it stop! His old personality screamed at him as he ignited his lightsaber and prepared to finish the two off if they survived. This is my body, not yours!
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