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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
You can play free but you'll be spending an inordinate amount of time and effort on bothersome stuff.
Actually, if you finish all sidequests, your exactly the right level (up till 30 atleast, there with zbyl).
As subscriber you get twice the XP. But the only result of that is that you quickly outlevel your opposition.
I hardly call actual sidemissions a grind or bothersome.
So you can meet someone equal level but expect that you will lose hard since you only have 2/3rds of the skills, half the carry space, crappier gear, and all the really lucrative daily missions are not available...oh and most of the fun missions that don't put you into snorefest? Yeah those are either off limits or severely hindered.
Let's see...
* Progression is the same. F2P have the same amount of skills and powers, so, no, not that.
* Half-the-carry-space is true. But overall it's filled with junk anyway. I never ran out. And if I did, just drop some junk.
* Crappier gear. So far (30) I only found a single purple item (which I cannot use), which had pretty horrible stats. So far, not noticing it thus.
* Daily missions and weekly missions are all there. You're limited on warzones of course, but the world bosses? Nothing stopping you.
* Fun missions. All missions but operations are in. Are those the only fun quests in the game? If so, that's a massive failure of it's own. I don't think so. Even with too much combat, the dialogue saves it somewhat. I like roleplaying. Enough to overcome gameplay apparently.
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