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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
You can play free but you'll be spending an inordinate amount of time and effort on bothersome stuff.
Incorrect. You get some upgrades later, like the speeder piloting later, but it's still earlier than when people originally got their speeder licenses when the game started. Stuff is still a hell of a lot more convenient for F2P folks than it was for subscribers that started with the game.

Plus (just as examples) you don't get the coolest things be they cosmetic or gameplay related
Partially incorrect, you can still get cool stuff, just not cool end game stuff and gear that'll allow you to do the really high end operations... since if you really cared about that kind of stuff, you'd subscribe anyway.

So you can meet someone equal level but expect that you will lose hard since you only have 2/3rds of the skills

half the carry space
If you mean quickbars, that's being upgraded soon.

crappier gear, and all the really lucrative daily missions are not available...
For endgame, yes... but like I said, if you were interested in endgame operations to begin with, you'd subscribe.

oh and most of the fun missions that don't put you into snorefest? Yeah those are either off limits or severely hindered.
Limited, yes. Off limits, no. Though I don't really know what you mean by fun missions since that varies from person to person. |

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