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Perhaps some of this needs clarification. So much for the simple approach.

Originally Posted by OP View Post
The rest of the questions (below) are so you may elaborate. At your liberty entirely you may answer some or all...or none, even.
Basically: If it makes you uncomfortable, don't answer it.

6) Has your liking for games ever gotten you in serious trouble somehow (or at least come close)?
In context: seriousness of trouble varies in degrees and from person to person.

To make this objective, serious trouble is meant as in financial, personal responsibility, employment, health, family & friends, (and possibly at an extreme) legal.

This arose after coming across several reports over the past decade about problems with vidya addiction.

EDIT: I'm glad to see none of you are in that category!


7) When it comes to older games, or a rehash, how do you react?

8) In contrast to above, when it comes to new games, how do you react?
These questions were meant to parallel each other in opposing fashion. Suppose it'd make more sense if I put the new before the old? Maybe, maybe not...

I'm not so much lumping in rehash and older games, but I am implying familiarity.

I suppose it'd be fair to ask if you tend to stick with older games, or are more about what's new in your playing.

9) How would you explain your relationship with gaming?
I was really scratching my head at some of your answers on this one. This is meant as a gauge for your history with gaming as a whole, NOT to compare VG playing to social interaction with other people. Nor imply that it replaces socializing--that's not healthy. Vidya cannot interact as the living does.

Context: "Relationship" here for lack of a better analogy, can be likened to how well one does with, say, subjects in school. Or equations to theories of operation in technical literature. Or a tribesman and his land; a swordsman and his blades; a gunman and his guns.

10) To expand upon the above, do you ever think or feel like you're tiring of it or just can't (or don't care to) keep up with it anymore? Why or why not?
The answers given here generally were what I was looking for, surprisingly enough. The context was supplement to above #10, but no matter. I'd meant it in the sense of where are you in life with gaming...where you're going...where you've been.

I suppose #9 could be ignored...

11) If there is anything important you would like to add to this which is not covered, then please do so.
@stingerhs & Lynk...Hungry? Seriously?

Well, I was baking some cookies and was running back and forth between my screen and the oven.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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