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Saw it (director's cut). Not bad.

It was a little strange hearing the soundtrack - I fully expected an orchestral score for the movie. It was also strange because I was already familiar with the songs; it would have been better if I had been introduced to them via the movie.

Some of the editing was a bit unpolished (is this common for movies in the 80's?), parts of the narrative were a bit off (you suspect a guy of whacking someone's head off, so what do you do? Invite him for dinner), as was some fighting choreography (Fasil/the-first-shown-enemy-immortal casually backflipping across the carpark).

Show spoiler

I found the character of the Kurgan quite interesting, especially noting his attitude towards immortality opposed to Connor's. I think this is most evidently portrayed in the scene where he's driving - the intentional recklessness, and the glee he derives out of it. He's immortal, but he lives like a man with a month to die. (This, compared to Connor's responsibility-influenced reservedness and self-regulation.)

But yeah. All in all, an enjoyable watch. A remake would be nice, but I doubt it would do well.
I'm tempted to watch the sequels, but will steer clear of it based on this thread's recommendations.

mfw I read the Revan novel

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