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Just got notice: My ex-girlfriend got married in Mexico a couple of days ago.

Well... that was fast.

I haven't even had a date since she left.
I guess it's time to get started on that.

I suppose that torch is totally extinguished now. Forever. Feels so... final. And ****ty.

I'm not happy. But, in many ways, I am relieved. It absolves me from having to care what happens to any of her stuff at this point. Goodwill, here I come!

Unfortunately, it also does put into question EVERYTHING that ever happened and and was ever said between us in my mind. Makes me wonder how much of the last 2+ years was the truth or not. I'll probably never know that.

It also makes me wonder if I'll ever truly trust anyone again... especially romantically. I'm not putting myself through this again... even if it means dying alone... or forcing myself to go against my nature and being the cold-hearted jerk in all my future relationships... if there ever are any.

Well... I for one, will be happy to see 2012 fading over the horizon in the rear view mirror.

I hope 2013 will be better. Or, barring that, that the Mayan apocalypse doesn't leave me standing to see it if it isn't.

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