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I have no idea what's going on. Really. But that's the latest I heard. From her mom's Facebook status updates.

Seeing that as far as I knew, we were still officially a couple until early October... and that she only got down there in late August, that could only a 3 or 4 month courtship/ engagement at best. Unless it was actually going on before that.

It makes me question everything she ever told me. About her health. Her exes. Everything.

It's sad that I'm now filtering all that happened between us this way now. That's the part that feels crummiest.

Maybe she married the first guy that looked at her as a way to stay in the country. Or to have someone to take care of the kids... if she is really as sick as she led me to believe.

Or maybe this was all part of a pre-existing plan I unwittingly was a big part of and unknowingly took part in.

I just don't know what to think anymore. But I'm trying very hard not to actually care all that much either.

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