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Originally Posted by Negative Sun View Post
For Hogmanay (New Year's Eve for the rest of the world) I will be going to Stirling Castle here in the heart of Scotland to go and see the ultimate Scottish band Proclaimers with friends and consume lots of Whiskey! And watch some fireworks!
Ooh! Sounds great! Would love to see the Proclaimers on Hogmanay, but we've made plans with friends to see the torch procession at Comrie this year. Probably not nearly as exciting, maybe a little bit safer than watching last year's fireballs at Stonehaven , but I'm sure there will be whisky passed around as a winter warmer! Fingers crossed, no high winds and no rain/sleet/snow this year.

Christmas will be spent the same this year as last. Meet up at the sister-n-law's at noonish for drinks, snacks, and the toy demonstrations from the nieces and nephews, then play whatever game they've got planned (Pictionary, Taboo, Trivia-whatever, etc.), then head over to the mom-n-law's for dinner afterwards. Then back home to have a snooze, play vidya, and chill out.

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