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On the claw you have to look up slightly and hit tab.

Most likely you are using it now, but if not I would suggest using Operation Frame as a healer if grouping up enough (problem with Operation frames is companions do not show up on it and have to be healed and watched manually).

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Now something else people swear by, but I have not used yet is Focus Target.

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Others would be better at answering the augment question better, but use the resolve augments. Get alacrity balanced with surge in the enhancements, but stack willpower as high as possible, so make all the augments willpower.

My healer is a sawbones, but as you can see I am stacking cunning as high as possible (mav and Seijin, who know way more than me, told me to do this).

My understanding is this is the order you want your skills.
Willpower > Power > Alacrity > Force Crit > Surge

Check out Seijin first post in this thread.

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