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Originally Posted by Darth Avlectus View Post
Finally a thread by a newbie who sticks around more than a couple weeks.

Well, I'm not sure. Christmas eve, probably go delivering cookies or presents, or both. I've been acting like a bit of a santa IRL lately. So whatever. (I'm not a jolly fat guy with white hair and beard though.) Listening to a bit of music. Who knows? Maybe I'll go out to a karaoke or something.

Christmas day, hopefully spend it in the company of family, friends, neighbors. Neighbors are going to have a dinner feast at their place. It isn't really much of a day to go out. Not for me anyways.

Probably eat tons. Anyhoo, yeah.
Hey Darth Avlectus finaly l decorated my Christmas tree huh took me some time to get all the decorations but l finnished l might post an image of it if is it okay that is???

Who you are light or dark hmm!!!

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