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Possible hint needed

Question. Without giving too much away, I might need a hint.

*** WARNING: May contain spoilers below ***

Iím near the end of the game, in the underground rebel base. I already have the mask from the theater, the suit from the casino, and have sent the carrier pigeon to the weapon makers house. (He dropped through the vent and spilled the Spoutella.

I placed the arm in the snow grinder, and returned the photo to the garbage can.

My only 3 inventory items are the nitrogen, remote and scythe.

The only task remaining (I assume) is to board the Bone Wagon and enter the maze, except I canít board the bone wagon. It keeps saying ďNo use for itĒ.

I have the remote, can lower it up and down, can also get crushed by the car, but I canít get in the car.

My question is: is this a software glitch Ė similar to the forklift glitch, or am I still missing something.

Please do not ruin the game for me by providing any information other than a yes or no answer,

Yes itís another "Forklift" type glitch or

No Iím still missing something.

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