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Originally Posted by Marius Fett View Post
Not picking holes or anything, but I've seen a few posts in the thread about not having finalised party members, contests for designing characters etc, but shouldn't that have all been done before production started?

I'd have thought the best way to approach this would have been to write and finalise the storyline and all the characters and whatnot before even thinking about starting work on the content?

It's sort of led me to feel like the whole thing may be slightly disorganised and disjointed...

Again, not picking holes or anything, obviously it's your mod and you're free to work in the way you find most comfortable, but I just thought I'd throw my two pence worth in!
No holes picked, Marius. It's not that I don't have ideas for the final plot, characters, et al; instead, I simply want to make the community feel involved in the development of the mod.

Jedi Council Contest
On that lovely note, there is still one day left for your entries on this contest. (And, the video update showing off the scene should follow early next week.) The winner's character will give a sidequest to the player while after the Council meeting on Danjir IV. The top couple or so entries, though, will be each a line of dialog in scene.

Website Anouncement
I hope to have the website for Echo of the Force completed early next week, if not by the end of this weekend. At that time, it will be announced here and the other EotF threads. Since this mod is still in development, new pages ( will be added to the site occasionally (such as new character pages) before the mod's release. Also, media will be kept up-to-date on the website. And, there is a mobile-friendly version too for those wanting view the site on the go.

More Coming Soon...

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