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Rogue15, wow, i think i even didn't see even half of you list of weapon. In Army we had training with foreign firearms that were very interesting. Every day in training time each of us got a new foreign gun with scheme page of it (new gun every day). We had 5 minutes to disassemble it without help from aside, and if we were unsuccessful, then we could ask help of instructor. As i remember only two guns caused troubles for me - it was M60 machine gun and then German G3 rifle... too exotic for me. That one who disassembled a gun successfully, got a piece of chocolate, so that caused discuss between soldiers about guns (because of today you get M16, for example, and tomorrow i will get this gun). Then we were needed to load these weapon, go to shoot with it, return to class, disassemble weapon again, clean it, assemble and return to gun depot. So i was able to have work with lot of foreign guns of various eras (including pistols, revolvers, sub-machine guns, various rifles, including relatively modern assault rifles systems, machine guns and other). And, of cause, we learned to operate with Russian firearms too.

Heh, and i remember one funny and scary episode, right about elk. Little group of soldiers with full ammunition were on their back to military camp at winter. I actually don't remember well where from did they goes, but they were fully equipped. There were three or four of them, i don't remember. It was very hard time for whole Russia and especially for those "post-Soviet" army, we often had even no food, so... Soldiers suddenly detected an wild elk who wandered near, so they decided to shoot it and drag to military base. Damn, lot of meat! So one of those soldiers aimed with his AK-74 and committed single shot. And then those soldiers understood how many of hidden possibilities there is in their bodies. One of those guys climbed on tree with all his winter ammunition and ski wear on. He never could to understand later HOW did he done it. Other soldiers were very fast to learn how to run on 1.5 meter deep snow with speed higher than their running speed in training camp. Thing that saved them from rage of elk was swamp. Elk did not trailed soldiers there. Later i saw one of AK-74s of those guys, that elk stepped on. It was really scary to see, rifle was just bended like a beer can. All of those idiots survived.

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