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Well, today is a fun-filled day for Echo of the Force. Get ready for that which is to come...

Jedi Master Contest
This time, the contest is truly over. The results? Here we go:
  • First Place: Scourge's Miralian, Jedi Master Zeltaro
  • Second Place: Rtas Vadum's Nagai, Jedi Master Aurellia
  • Third Place: Sith Holocron's Echani, Jedi Master Pellu Ceed

These top three entries will each feature a line of dialog in the upcoming video update which ought to be up sometime next week. The winning character, Zeltaro, will additionally have a sidequest for the player after the Council meeting on Danjir IV.

Facebook Announcement
Next announcement... A few weeks ago, I decided to delete the old Facebook page for Echo of the Force since I hardly touched it. In coordination with the announcement following, I have instead made a new group for Echo of the Force on Facebook. It will have more frequent updates, as things are announced in the future.

[KotOR: Echo of the Force Group]

Echo of the Force Website Announcement
What better way to kick off the new Facebook group than by announcing the brand Echo of the Force website? Content is subject to changing or being added until such a time when Echo of the Force is ready for release. The link is now active on the home page of Echo of the Force, as well as the WIP Mods page on Kast's Echo.

The site features:
  • Plot
  • Planets
  • Character Information
  • Media
  • And more...
  • Further pages will be added in the future, from time to time.

[Knights of the Old Republic: Echo of the Force Official Website]

More Coming Soon...

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